7 simple questions to celebrate more successes

Number 7Or just 7 simple questions to make you more aware of what you spend your time on.

A few years ago, I´ve found these questions somewhere on the internet (I believe it was on Lifehack.org ), and they triggered me as a useful tool to be more aware of the small successes I achieved. Since I´m active in the Continuous Improvement field almost my whole working life, I stepped into the pitfall of only seeing opertunities for improvement and not paying attention to what has been achieved. Success became a normal state, not achieving full success became a failure.

Asking myself these questions on a regularly basis made more aware, and even helped me being more productive. Currently, I use these questions for my Monthly Review, where I track my Goals and Objectives (just replaced the word “week” by “month”).

Result? I can get pretty excited of small achievements! I feel better all the time, and can even help others feel better by letting them see what results they´ve achieved.

Give it try, write down the answers and track progress.

  1. What will I try to improve on next week?
  2. What was I most proud of this week?
  3. What was my biggest accomplishment this week?
  4. What have I done to get closer to my life goals this week?
  5. What was hard for me this week, and why?
  6. What was my biggest waste of time this week?
  7. What did I do this week that made me ashamed?

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